CMG Overview

CMG Overview

Purpose and Passion

M&A Expertise for Families and Founders

We emphasize integrity in every aspect of our business, earning the trust of our clients, professionals and buyers with whom we work. CMG has gained a reputation over more than 35 years as a highly driven team of authentic investment bankers who help families and founders achieve successful results. We are guided by the singular goal of professionally managing transactions that meet the personal and financial objectives of our clients.

CMG’s extensive network provides access to strategic and institutional investors and capital across the globe. We are a charter member of the Alliance of International Corporate Advisors, an international network of more than 30 investment banking firms around the world.

We measure the success of our process by the outcomes it produces. Whether you need transaction advisory (M&A), capital raising or financial advisory services, Carter Morse & Goodrich is your trusted solution.

Our Culture


Developing meaningful long terms relationships is our highest form of personal gratification.  Those relationships motivate us to deliver value for our clients and referral sources. We believe in making friends, not simply contacts.  

Client Focus:

We build trust with straight talk and honest communication. Our down to earth, approachable demeanor allows us to build a relationship with each and every client we take on. We are real people who are passionate about helping founders and families optimize the value of their company in a successful transaction.

Pursuit of Excellence:

We challenge ourselves to continually seek ways to improve our abilities to deliver extraordinary results for our clients.  We hire people who have insatiable curiosity and a perpetual drive to better themselves both personally and professionally.


Our communication style is down-to-earth and approachable, allowing us to build trust, rapport and a shared sense of purpose whether it be among ourselves, with our clients or with their advisors.  


We have a proven, high-touch approach to each assignment, staffed with a dedicated team of bankers who work collaboratively to find the optimal solution.  We are committed to one another’s success.


Ethics and integrity are ingrained in our professional and personal behavior. Everything we do is grounded in an absolute devotion to the highest ethical standards. We pride ourselves on always doing what is right.

Giving Back

Carter Morse & Goodrich was founded with the philosophy of building long-term deep relationships, both professionally and personally.

We believe in not simply giving back, but in actively participating and contributing to the success of our local communities. The same values that motivate many of our clients after a sale – to create a lasting legacy via philanthropy, volunteerism, or mentoring – run through the core of our firm.

We encourage each of our team members to be a positive force in their communities. Our team has been active in local education programs, youth sports programs, hospitals and clinics, local government, and business associations.

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