CMG Participates in Axial Concord // Manufacturing: Money Isn't All That Talks

employees smiling and talking

May 11, 2022

CMG was honored to participate in the Axial Manufacturing Roundtable last month. Terence Hannafin discussed M&A opportunities with our private equity friends. Enjoy this highlight and view more highlights from the event on our new YouTube channel.

"Money talks, and if there's a meaningful enough separation between one and two, that might be a discussion but it generally doesn't come down to the last dollar for a lot of our clients. It comes down to almost a puzzle piece and who's going to meet our culture, our objectives, all those other points of value that don't have dollar sign in front of it, they tend to be really meaningful, at least in the family and founder space, tends to be a meaningful part of the equation when they're going to think about: I'm going to do this once a want to feel proud about to whom we've partnered with and who the next ownership group is going to be. We've seen that from our seat, as those points of differentiation between groups that can come in and some just tell the story a lot better and they just make the connection a lot better."

-Terence Hannafin

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