CMG 35th Anniversary Announcement

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November 14, 2022

Reflecting on our 35 Years

Reflecting on the past 35 years is a surreal process. When CMG was founded in 1987, cell phones were in their infancy, the internet was 6 years away, and everyday names such as Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, and Google did not even exist.

Over that time, Carter Morse & Goodrich has survived and even thrived through multiple recessions, two worldwide financial crises, September 11th, COVID-19, and more speed bumps than I care to remember. While we have evolved, changed and grown, several constants and core tenets of CMG’s DNA have propelled us through the years:

  • Culture – Culture is our most valuable asset that we cultivate every day. Every CMG employee was hired using a screen of cultural “fit and grit”, then we apply the criteria of: integrity, teamwork, enthusiasm, insatiable curiosity, social/ emotional intelligence, and authenticity.
  • People – When building the CMG team, now 14 strong, we adopted a growth strategy that we believe is unique amongst our peers. We value differing perspectives and are open to non-traditional backgrounds. Our strong work ethic is focused on our clients; exceeding their expectations and desire to excel and learn every day. We are a team committed to one another's success.
  • Relationships – Developing meaningful long terms relationships is our highest form of personal gratification. From past clients to our network of advisory colleagues, we recognize that these are not simply transactions closed but lifelong relationships built. If you are known by the company you keep, we could not be prouder. 

Success is not a destination; it’s a journey. On behalf of the entire CMG team, a very heartfelt thank you for sharing this journey. We are looking forward to the next 35 years of collaboration and friendship.

Michael Carter

Celebrating 35 Years

Our 35th anniversary party with 150 attendees was a moment where we had a chance to pause and think about what CMG has created.  We were honored to share the evening with so many colleagues and friends that have contributed (directly or indirectly) to our success over the years and helped shape the firm we are today.   

CMG 35th Anniversary Party

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