CMG to Sponsor 8th Annual Push for Entrepreneurship Two-Hour Pushup Event

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August 10, 2022

Carter Morse & Goodrich is proud to announce it will be sponsoring the 8th Annual Push for Entrepreneurship Two-Hour Pushup Fundraiser in 2022.Michael Carter, PFE’s founder, explained “the vision for PFE is a passion to:  (1) Energize all participants to exceed their self-imposed limitations (and do the “impossible”);  (2) Level the playing field for low income neighborhoods to access the best in innovation education; and(3)  Cultivate and celebrate innovation.

About Push for Entrepreneurship

Who: Entrepreneurs, innovators, fitness buffs, educators, and inventors who believe in the importance of developing an entrepreneurial mindset in the under resourced school districts in CT.  

What: Empowering and cultivating entrepreneurship and an inventor's mind-set in kids. Participants have two hours to do as many push-ups as possible during this time with unlimited breaks. There is no similar event like this.

Where: Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT  and New York City.

When:  CT: November 5th - Morning. NYC: October, TBD

Why:  To provide students from low income CT towns ready access to innovation programs and empower them to become problem solvers

How:  When a community comes together to support those who go without, anything is possible.

The Impact of Push for Entrepreneurship

Since its inception, 186 pushers have participated and raised $250,000 towards innovation education in low income Connecticut towns.  Last year, Connecticut Invention Convention brought programs to 1,500 low-income students through the funds raised by Push for Entrepreneurship. Of these students:

• 83% self-identify as inventors of color

• 58% self-identify as female

• All 1,500 students come from low-income communities

Check out this video from last year's Push For Entrepreneurship to learn more:

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